Dear Doctoral Student,
Congratulations on recognizing how coaching can help you move forward with your dissertation and achieve the goal of earning a doctorate. Many students who work with us are looking for help with understanding the research process and interpreting chair feedback. As well, many others are primarily looking for accountability, intensive coaching, and support to move to the next phase in their study.

We understand the despair, frustration and unease that accompanies dissertation and thesis work. We know that you want to succeed and thrive, but we also are aware of the sheer willpower that is involved in being able to stay on track, especially without detriment to your mental or even physical well-being.

As a small, tight-knit, and personalized coaching company, we help you take back control of your academic workload, with a fresh new perspective and practical assistance that will ease your stress and provide you with true, genuine support. As a dedicated team of methodologists, statisticians, professors, dissertation chairs, executive coaches, and curriculum developers, we know the world of academics and how to successfully complete a dissertation.

I know there are frustrations and struggles and families and work obligations and more. It’s important for our team to ensure students are properly utilizing our services given their particular situation. We are not one of the many groups out there that you should be concerned about taking your money and ripping you off.

We’re professors at state and private universities, researchers at think tanks, and private sector consultants. Our team are all employed in full-time jobs elsewhere, and pursue dissertation coaching as a passion and means to give back.

We don’t want students wasting money, wasting time, or delaying their progress any further. Therefore, I thought I’d share the game plan with you, so you can follow it to make the best use of our institute.

When you are ready to take the leap and jump into intensive, one-on-one, results oriented work with a dedicated coach, then review our popular 8 Week Boot Camp and all the details involved, as well as testimonials from current members. Then, apply to the program and schedule a free consultation with us to determine if it’s right for you.

We focus on results and outcomes. Our success means that you finish your dissertation. That’s our only goal – to help you accomplish this major lifetime achievement.

Best wishes to you,

Dr. Justin
CEO and Founder

Guidelines For Working With Research Methodologist