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We have developed a reputation as the PREMIER dissertation coaching program in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

We are the ONLY coaching program that provides

  • Individual, one-on-one private coaching in all areas of your doctoral thesis/dissertation.
  • UNLIMITED private phone coaching sessions, UNLIMITED critiques of your work, UNLIMITED email coaching, UNLIMITED forum support, and post-boot camp support.
  • Expert coaching at affordable tuition fees, for less than what most students pay for a 3-credit doctoral level course.
  • Multiple program length options, including 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks based upon your individual needs.
  • Worldwide reputation among doctoral students, universities, and committee chairpersons for our results oriented coaching
  • Flexible Payment and Installment Plans for all 
  • No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Tiffany joined our coaching program last summer (2016).

She had been working on her Doctor of Education degree for nine – yes 9! – years!

She was told that she can't stay in the program forever and has been warned about her lack of progress.

She had cycled through three chairs.

She also has had to deal with real life issues: a marriage, a pregnancy, a birth, medical conditions, and family issues.

After 9 years of struggling, Tiffany reported this progress after working with our team in just the first few months:

In 2 months, I just received notification that my URR approved my proposal draft … I truly wish I would have stumbled across this program years ago. My doctoral journey may have actually been pleasurable and NOT as expensive… I enjoy reading the informative posts and meeting new people! Glad I joined! I believe this community is an excellent resource for doctoral candidates.

Now, we are proud to announce that Tiffany has defended her dissertation and has become Dr. Curry!

Our Team

Monica Ruiz, at Texas State doctoral student, joined our boot camp in January 29, 2018, and she was struggling with her proposal. After joining our program, her proposal was approved by April 10, 2018, and she also received IRB approval on May 29, 2018!

Is This The Right Program For Me? 

If you are working on a doctoral thesis/dissertation - regardless of the stage - the answer is YES.  

We look for two characteristics when a client begins our boot camp:

Identification of a single goal that you feel you can accomplish.

In other words, are you stuck on the prospectus? Lit review? Data Collection? In an intensive boot camp, you can expect to be able to achieve a very clear and distinct goal - maybe even two or three.

YOU determine these with your coach and we customize our weekly mentoring to your goal.

Are you motivated?

If you do not believe you can succeed, why should we? We know each person is capable, but capability and talent only go so far.

You have to want to finish and want to work with a coach to help you get there.

We deliver results

Our coaching program is designed around YOUR unique status and goals. Regardless of which step you are in within your doctoral thesis/dissertation stage, your coach will work with you to identify a plan of action for your coaching program along with clear goals and objectives to meet during the program.

We know that you are seeking outside coaching because you may not be getting the support you need, motivation you need, or mentoring that you need – and that’s why you come to us. As the PREMIER dissertation coaching company, our PhD level expert coaches literally “hold your hand” and provide superior service and support to our students.

Salome Thomas-El spent several years starting and stopping his dissertation work, and was making no progress. Listen to Salome briefly explain how much progress he has made since joining our program! We focus on getting real results!

What Does The Boot Camp Include?


You will be assigned a dedicated coach who will hold your mentoring calls. Progress checks, accountability checks, and guidance for moving forward are provided during your mentoring call. You can ask any question about any topic, we have experts for all areas. You will have a dedicated coach and methodologist assigned to you.  


Multiple thorough reviews of your current work and a detailed critique that includes strengths, weaknesses, suggested improvements, action items, and guidelines for implementing these improvements.  


You have email access to your dedicated coach to ask as many questions as you wish. Our email coaching support is great when you have a quick question, need immediate clarification, and don't want to wait for a phone call so that you can move forward with the task at hand!  


Within our private online forum, you have access to all of our coaches to ask as many questions as you wish, and our coaches will respond to you within 24 hours or less. You'll be able to get daily support from our coaches and other members of our amazing community of doctoral students.  


Which provides you with access to online, self-paced webinars, trainings, tutorials, templates, and courses on a variety of topics related to dissertation success. We are constantly adding new content, and you'll have access to these during your stay with us. Our training teach you how to avoid failure - and wasted tuition money - and get your doctoral thesis/dissertation completed.

BONUS! Post Boot Camp Support.  

After you have graduated from our Dissertation Success Boot Camp, we don't just let you go at it alone. As a part of your initial enrollment, you will have FREE access to our coaching forum for an additional 4 months, to be able to post questions to our discussion board and have one or more of our coaches respond! So, you get a total of 6 months of support in this program, not just 8 weeks. Of course, you can always add-on additional phone/mentoring support.


What Is My Next Step? Read this CAREFULLY.

We have a boot camp start date beginning every Monday!

Option 1 is to Apply For and Schedule a Free Strategy Call.

Applying for and scheduling your strategy call does not commit you to joining the program, however, we ask that you think hard about this decision prior to our call.

Please do not schedule a strategy call unless you are absolutely positive you will pick up the phone when we call. Otherwise, we won't be able to work with you in the future. This option is not for those shopping around or unsure if seeking help is something they want to do.

Option 2 is to Email Us With Questions.

If you are not ready to enroll right now but have questions about our program and are shopping around at various coaching programs, feel free to email us at with your questions. We'll respond quickly and get you the information you need.

4 Weeks of UNLIMITED Coaching

One Payment of $1200 (about £915) OR 2 Payments of $700 (about £535)

8 Weeks of UNLIMITED Coaching

One Payment Of $2300 (about £1750) OR 2 Payments Of $1350 (about £1030) LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get a $500 (about £380) scholarship reduction!

12 Weeks of UNLIMITED Coaching

One Payment Of $3500 (about £2660) OR 3 Payments Of $1400 (about £1065) LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get a $1,000 (about £760) scholarship reduction!


NEW ANNOUNCEMENT Scholarships are available for a limited time! We are currently offering a $500 (about £380) scholarship towards our 8 week program or a $1,000 (about £760) scholarship towards our 12 week program. Talk with a member of our team to determine how you can get a scholarship!

Real Results And Success Stories

Congratulations Dr. Tessa!

Watch this quick video as Dr. Tessa explains how she utilized our boot camp to finish her dissertation.

Dr. Merlano came to us in distress. She had a goal of finishing in December but according to her, that wasn't looking so great. With our coaching and through her hard work, she beat her stated deadline and completed her final defense a month earlier than her goal date!

Watch how Dr. Melano was able to accomplish this (it's only 3 minutes and well worth the time):

Listen to how Tanikka Greene got her prospectus approved while in our Dissertation Success Boot Camp

Maja James Tells Us How She Got Her Proposal Approved

Story of Jennifer Collins

"I struggled with believing in my ability to do this lately and it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone. It feels like my committee through the University isn't really on my side and are waiting to see me fail.

Dr.Bill is not like that at all. When I doubt myself, he reminds me that I CAN do this and finish. I'm not a person who quits things so quitting is not an option for me but sometimes the process feels overwhelming. Knowing that Dr.Bill understands my journey and can relate to it, is incredible. The hurdles that I face are less daunting because I know I'm not alone.

It's really helpful when we can share screens and Dr. Bill can walk me through things. (SPSS, Nvivo, Qualtrics, etc.) I've never been taught these programs so having him there to help me is powerful.

I've recommended this program to others and one person has joined this group! It's nice to have the support from the mentors but also from peers. You see the end of this journey even when we can't see the finish line.

This journey isn't just about writing a paper and doing research, it's much more complex. Having support in the journey is critical. He keeps telling me I have everything I need to finish the dissertation. Even when I'm doubting myself, I trust him."

Tessa Rivera, at Northcentral University student, joined our program in distress in June 2017. On August 16, 2017, she defended her dissertation and graduated!